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About Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can result in significant injuries for cyclists, including broken bones, head trauma, and road rash. These accidents often occur due to collisions with vehicles, road hazards, or negligent actions by other road users. If you're involved in a bicycle accident, prioritize your safety, seek medical attention, and document the incident. Legal representation can help you navigate insurance claims and seek compensation for your injuries.


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Bicycle accidents are a significant concern in the United States, with nearly 800 bicyclists killed and over 45,000 injured in traffic crashes annually. The risks are particularly high in urban areas where traffic congestion and limited cycling infrastructure can increase the likelihood of accidents. Factors such as failing to yield the right of way, distracted driving, and poor road conditions frequently contribute to these incidents. These statistics underscore the importance of protective measures for cyclists and the need for dedicated bicycle lanes and clearer road safety regulations.

Facts About Bicycle Accidents

  • Bicycle accidents are more common than many realize, with thousands occurring each year, especially in urban areas.
  • Despite protective gear, bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries, including head trauma, fractures, and internal injuries, due to the lack of physical protection for cyclists.
  • Cyclists are vulnerable road users, facing risks from collisions with motor vehicles, road hazards, and even pedestrians. They are also less visible to drivers, increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Wearing helmets significantly reduces the risk of head injuries in bicycle accidents, yet many cyclists fail to use them consistently.
  • Cyclists have legal rights on the road and may be entitled to compensation if they are injured due to the negligence of others, such as reckless drivers or poorly maintained roads.

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FAQ About Bicycle Accidents

Ensure your safety first by moving out of the roadway if possible. Call 911 if there are injuries, document the scene with photos, and exchange information with any other parties involved.

If you were injured due to someone else's negligence, such as a driver's failure to yield, you likely have a claim. Consulting with a bicycle accident lawyer can help clarify your legal options.

You may be eligible for compensation covering medical expenses, lost wages, bike repairs or replacement, pain and suffering, and more, depending on the specifics of the case.

It’s best to speak with an attorney first. Insurance companies often seek to minimize payouts, and a lawyer can help you communicate effectively to protect your interests.